Over the last two years, Vulcanising UK have been heavily involved in the decommissioning of a chemical plant on behalf of BASF Germany. This project is taking place at their Paisley plant, and Vulcanising UK have been working closely with the site Engineering Project Managers on various projects throughout the plant.

One area of major concern was the demolition of the buildings containing large steel vessels that were used to store many of the required chemicals used in the pigment production process, one chemical in particular Vulcanising UK had to remove to allow the demolition to take place safely and eliminate any further dangers to the project, was Diazo.

The Diazo vessels were fully stripped of their rubber lining and checked that there was no areas of Diazo present, this particular project was carried out with the highest Health & Safety measures in place in conjunction with BASF Engineers.
The lining material was safely stored and removed from site in co-ordinance with site rules and regulations.

Vulcanising UK were also involved with the removal of all contaminated pipes, overhead ducting, and any other plant that may have been contaminated in the plant’s production process.

If you have any Decommissioning projects that require fully trained and skilled personnel, please do not hesitate to contact us, and be assured that your project will be carried out by professional squads to the highest safety levels.