Vulcanising UK

Vulcanising UK is now a trading division of ConveyorTek Ltd, one of Europe’s fasting growing conveyor service providers. ConveyorTek Ltd also design and manufacture full conveyor systems and offer a range of conveyor magnets and metal separation solutions

Vulcanising UK is committed to providing top quality products and first class service. As a result, Vulcanising UK has become synonymous with reliability, specialist expertise and the highest quality products for Wear Protection, Corrosion Protection and Conveyor Maintenance. Vulcanising UK operates as a total solution provider, developing engineered solutions for the mining, materials handling, mineral processing and general industries.

In 2008, Vulcanising UK became one of the leading centres of expertise for belt conveyor products and services in the United Kingdom. The significant experience gained from many years of work through Rema Tip Top and Ace Conveyors has helped us to become one of these leading centres.

About us

Over a number of years we have gained a great deal of experience from working on sites such as Glensanda Quarry in Oban, which is the largest quarry of its kind in Europe with over 130 conveyor belts on site, ranging from small 900mm fabric belts to 2000mm steel cord. Aswell as providing vulcanising services we have also supplied and fitted many different kinds of drum laggings, with ceramic being the most popular on drum drives. We have also lined many chutes and screen side plates etc on site and again are very experienced in this field. Our vulcanising services have also been used on many smaller quarries and recycling plants throughout the UK.Glen